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Soleteam -> Brazil

1st Stop in Sweden Tour – Stockholm 2023

Soleteam coming to Brazil to arrange a tournament and to play

There’s no Off-season. Not since 3X3 took the scene some years back and extended the basketball season all year around. And even tho the scene in Sweden is not as big as in other countries, it’s growing every year. And this year (2023) Swedish Tour tipped off in Stockholm, arranged by SBBF and Lidingö 3×3 IF.

Now Lidingö 3×3 IF want to bring their experience to Brazil. They will play a Superquest in south of Brazil – Capivari de Baixo on the 30th of September, try to steal a spot to the biggest stage of 3×3 in the world.

While playing inspire kids. They also want to give our partner Viver Basquete in Brazil the opportunity to arrange 3×3 tournaments independently. Our sponsor Bergo Flooring will donate a FIBA approved 3×3 court to Viver Basquete, an uprising basketball club that our friends started 7 years ago.

On 7th-8th of October Lidingö 3×3 IF together with Bergo, Solestory, Viver Basquete and Nova Lima will arrange a 3×3 tournament for youth and adult where players can win beautiful prizes.

Read more about the upcoming tournament on the 7th and 8th of October.

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