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Kapok links stakeholders and creates social projects to help develop young generations. Ultimately, the idea is to find ways to enhance opportunities for children to grow as individuals and pursue their dreams. Through sports activities, we build trust and supportive networks that enhance the quality of life for the young and generate positive social impact on the community.

Who we are

We are basketball, coaches, social workers, acadamics and more. We are world citizens committed to making difference.

What we do

We initiate and conduct social projects, create partnerships, find sponsors to make then happen and organize regular training.

Our vision

All kids have the opportunity to play in a socially safe environment where they can learn, have fun and grow as individuals.

First Stop – Sweden Tour (2023) Arranged by Lidingö 3×3 and SBBF

Viver Basquete and Lidingö 3×3 second tournament in Brazil

Bergo Flooring and ANB are donating a 3×3 court to Viver Basquete in their second tournament with Lidingö 3×3. The end goal is to make Viver Basquete independent, to help Viver Basquete arrange 3×3 basketball tournaments just like Lidingö 3×3 in Sweden.

Schedule and Registration

Are you 12 or older and wants to play 3×3. Go to our tournament in FIBA and register your team. See more information of how to register your team at Viver Basquete.

Lidingö 3×3

Lidingö 3X3 is a social project in Sweden. It offers young people, both boys and girls, the opportunity to play 3×3 basketball in a safe, inclusive, and progressive environment.

Viver Basquete

Viver Basquete is a social project working with young children and teenagers in the municipality of Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The project has relied on dedicated leaders for more than six years.

Last news

Our 2nd tournament in Brazil

Our second tournament in Brazil took place in Nova Lima 7-8th of October. It was a great 3×3 pa…

silhueta menino pulando jogando basquete

3×3 in Nova Lima – Brazil

Viver Basquete and Lidingö 3×3 are arranging their 2nd 3×3 tournament in October. The tour…

Our first tournament in Brazil

The 3×3 tournament 12-13th of March (2022) at Nova Lima, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was played for one day and had six categories: Boys and girls under 12, 15, 18, and senior.

This event marks the beginning of a partnership between UniCesumar, Ciclos, Viver Basquete, and Lidingö3×3. It was the first 3×3 tournament in Brazil under this partnership.

“…Do you have an idea and want to make a difference? Want to contribute with skills, time or resources? Talk to us and we can do it together.”

Oliver övrebö silveira

Let’s work together!

Are you interested in any of our projects?

Rooting for a better world